Pyypl Prepaid Debit Card

Prepaid Debit Card

Top Reasons To Choose

  • Free top up in UAE
  • Get your virtual Mastercard instantly
  • Welcome bonus AED 10 after the first AED 20+ debit card load
  • 1st remittance is free and cost starts from AED 10 intl tran
  • International top up for airtime

Want a fast, simple, secure Mastercard payment card? Try Pyypl. Get your free debit card in 2 minutes from your phone and start using it immediately. Pyypl Mastercard is a "load first, then use" 100% safe prepaid payment card, without the problems that credit cards have. It works in 50 million shops and websites internationally.

Pyypl card works everywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted and it is an alternative to classic credit cards. With Pyypl you can pay by your debit card easily. 

Pyypl is an official financial services company based in UAE and Bahrain and authorised by Financial Services Regulatory Authority in UAE, and Central Bank of Bahrain.

If you want to pay by your Pyypl card, just load money to it and start using it. But if you don't want to, no need. There are no commitments. You can load in thousands of uPay kiosks in UAE and in Bahrain, and if you have any problems, just click the "?" button in your e-wallet Pyypl app and we will help you.

Joining Offers

  • 10 AED bonus after the first wallet top up using another debit card
  • The first remittance to India, Pakistan, Philippines Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal is FREE of fees.
  • If you use the Pyypl card at least once during the month the monthly fees are waived.

Documents Required

  • ID card or passport
  • Local mobile phone number

Detailed Features

  • You can stop using Pyypl anytime - there is no contract, or commitment. Just uninstall the app, or click "close my account" in the Pyypl app, and that's it.
  • Your card is a digital debit card. You will receive your virtual Pyypl Mastercard number in your app in a few seconds, and you can start using it immediately.
  • Pay by your Pyypl card in more than 50 million shops and websites internationally. You can also request your Pyypl contactless physical plastic card contacting our in-app customer service. It's safe to use Pyypl in online shopping, there is no risk that you receive any unwanted credit card bills.


  • Virtual card (inactivity fee): AED 9/month (it will be charged only in case you don’t use the card at least once during the previous month)
  • Physical card fees: AED 7.5/month

Load methods (always FREE)

  • Bank Transer
  • Debit card
  • Cash: using the Pyypl’s dealers
  • Cash: using the uPay kiosks

Transaction fees

  • Local purchase: AED1
  • International Purchase: AED 3 + 3.9%
  • International mobile topup: AED 2

Money transfers

  • To pyypl users: AED 2
  • Remittance: from AED 10

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