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Money borrowed from a bank towards the purchase of real estate (Land/ House/Flat) is termed as Home Loan. The purchased real estate acts as the collateral security for this loan. Home loans are payable between the period of 10 to 25 years.
There are multiple banks offering the Personal Lona facility in UAE. The basic requirements are regular income and resident visa (banks of course require more details to approve the loan). You can explore the SoulWallet’s Home Loans page to search for the banks which potentially can help you with your need.
Primarily there are three types of documents required by the banks for any loans i. Identity Documents – Passport/ Emirates ID/ Visa / Family Book for UAE Nationalsii. Income Documents – Salary Certificates/ Bank Statement/ Audited financials (for self-employed) iii. If the loan is An Auto or Home loan – all the related documents to the asset being purchased with the loan amount.
Each bank and type of loan will have different charges on availing the loan, but processing fee is payable across. Periodically banks come out with offers of waiver on these fees as a special promotion and you should keep a check on the SoulWallet loans paged to see these.
Yes, most banks will give you the option of paying back your loan earlier subject to applicable fee and terms agreed at the time of availing the loan. This is called “Early Settlement”.