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Minimum salary AED 5,000*

Popular Loans from Deem Sum of Minimum Salary Sum of Fixed Rate Sum of Reducing Rate
Deem Personal Loan AED 5000 11.01% 19.99%
Deem Personal Loan

Deem Personal Loan







AED 5,000



  • Easy and Hassle Free Process- Pre approval in 24 hours
  • No Salary Transfer Required
  • EMI can be as low as AED 305 per month for every 10,000

Salary Transfer Required?


Minimum Monthly Salary

AED 5,000

Fixed Rate


Reducing Rate


Key Features

  • Pay your instalments automativcally with our direct debit feature
  • Choose your payment date based on when you receive your salary
  • Flexible repayment period to suit your needs
  • Simple application process

Product Overview

Personal Loans in UAE are offered to customers for a variety of reasons including education, travel, medical and many more.  There are two types of personal loans, one which requires a salary transfer and one which doesn’t.

Loans are offered for a minimum period of 6 to a maximum of 48 months expats and 60 months for UAE Nationals.

Most of the banks assign Loan APR (Annual Percentage Rate) based on the profile of the customer and his/her employer. A few banks use bureau score to assign interest rates.  

UAE loan APR rates range between from 5% to 35% in general.


If a customer borrows a loan of AED 20,000 and earns an income of AED 10,000. With a repayment period of 48 months, the EMI would be AED 609 at an effective interest rate of 19.99% per annum.           

Total repayment that would have been paid at the completion of the loan would be AED29,209. The borrower would be paying AED 9,209 as interest.  

Please use Soulwallet’s Loans EMI Calculator for further simulations.

Processing Fee: 1% of loan amount, minimum AED 500, maximum AED 2,500